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Zasa's Pizza & Wings
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About Zasa’s


Zasa’s is like if I had a place in Brooklyn selling slices but tried not to make it look like I was in Brooklyn selling slices. I just love Pizza and want to make it, toss it, and serve it to everyone, including you.

Welcome to Zasa's

Zasa’s is its own thing, I’m making the classics for sure, but we’re all about no rules on what is allowed to be “pizza.” Pickle Pie, big ass not Torino’s pizza rolls, garlic knot chicken parm sandwiches. If It’s PHresh with a PH it’s on the menu.

The Vibe

Do you like the 90’s? Of course, you do. Do you like Pizza? Well, it looks like we’re two for two there. Now round it out with some dope as a “bop it” wings, and we Gucci.

Champion Mentality

Tara Hattan is a World Pizza Champion, currently holding 6 gold, 1 silver, and 4 bronze medals from pizza competitions held everywhere from Vegas to London.
"My take on Pizza is to know the science of what you do first, make the best thing you can possibly make, and surround yourself with people who are great at doing it so you get better. It’s served me well."
- Tara Hattan
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